What Not to Put in Your Mouth

It’s true that enamel is one of the hardest substances in the human body, but that doesn’t mean you should put just anything in your mouth. Your teeth were built to withstand years of wear, plus all the bacteria alive inside your mouth. Still, you should be careful with what you got. Dentist all over the country see patients every day for chipped teeth, cut gums, and other complications just because they decided to bite down on the wrong thing. To avoid a painful (and costly) visit to the dentist, pay attention to these five things to not put in your mouth.

Lemons, Limes, or Grapefruit

The first one of this list might not seem obvious. Lemons, limes, and grapefruit are just fruits, right? How could they be bad for our teeth? While eating these fruits are not necessarily bad for our teeth, eating them in a certain way is. What’s dangerous about any citrus is it’s acidity, which can wear away enamel and leave our teeth vulnerable. Eating these fruits quickly is mostly okay—unless you decide to brush directly afterward, which can damage your enamel even further—but leaving these fruits in our mouths for an extended period of time can be dangerous. Not only does acid wear away enamel, it can also promote gum disease.


It’s really no wonder why so many of us love to chew ice. It’s cool, easy to break, and makes a satisfying crunch sound. Just because it’s enjoyable, however, doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. The probably is that ice is hard and teeth, especially teeth that have been weakened by tooth decay or cavities, are sometimes not. Plus, the cold can make your enamel more brittle. Every year, several patients schedule a dentist appointment because they’ve fractured a tooth, or multiple teeth, when chewing ice.

Plastic Bottle Caps

They’re fun, they’re colorful, and they fit perfectly in our mouths — why wouldn’t someone want to chew on them? Even though the tops of soda bottle look pleasant, it’s not a good idea to chew on them. Much like with ice, plastic bottle caps could lead to tooth fractures for teeth that have already sustained structural damage, but they could also worsen the symptoms of patients suffering from bite problems. Not to mention that these can also be a choking hazard, even for adults.

Other People’s Toothbrushes

Sometimes, especially when you travel, you forget to bring your toothbrush. At this point, late at night, you may be tempted to just use your partner’s toothbrush. However, you should resist this temptation. Toothbrushes are full or bacteria, including those that can promote gum disease. Instead, you should put toothpaste onto your finger, and softly brush your finger around your teeth and gums. While not as effective as a toothbrush, the fluoride will do its job and help to prevent tooth decay.

Have You Damaged Your Teeth?

If you didn’t follow the above advice and damaged your teeth, we can help. We offer emergency dentistry if you need it. We also offer solutions for all types of tooth damage, including veneers for chipped teeth, crowns for cracked teeth, and even dental implants to replace lost teeth.

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