The greatest commendation our team can receive is when a patient takes the time to share their visit experience and recommends Oasis Dental Arts to their friends and family.

    “I have always disliked the dentist due to some unpleasant appointments. With that said, the staff at Oasis Dental Arts are awesome and made my unpleasant experience the best experience I have had at a dentist. They do a lot to make you comfortable and the doctor really cares to make you feel supported and a part of the experience. The doctor communicates with you the whole time explaining what he is doing and what he sees. Overall I really have to say that even though I still don’t like the dentist I am happy that I am in better hands with this team at Oasis Dental Arts. Thank you for the awesome service and caring approach.”

    Noah L.

    “Great people that really care. They always go above and beyond with your care, feelings, insurance and comfort. Can’t say enough good things.”

    Steve W.

    “Everyone is so funny, friendly and professional. I usually have trouble feeling comfortable at the dentist, but they made me feel at ease and were easy to talk to. Other dentists I’ve been to were impersonal but Dr. G makes you feel like more than just a patient.”

    Sharlene M.

    “First off, I feel super safe in Dr. G’s practice with the pandemic upon us…and I’m quite picky and careful. I’m grateful for his persistence in making sure we are all confident and comfortable while in his care. Plus, he’s a darn good dentist!! Hedi is one of my favorite dental hygienists ever. She’s gentle while cleaning and gives great tips for how to be better with oral care. I actually look forward to getting my teeth cleaned because she is also kind, fun, and smart. Keisha is a new addition and it was a pleasure meeting her last week. She sorted out my insurance like a champ. Many thanks to all at the dental practice. I highly recommend.”

    Jana H.

    “Dr G, Melanie, and all the rest of the staff are awesome! They are kind, professional, and great at their craft!”

    Kelly D.

    “Just a great, friendly, and personal place to see a dentist like Dr. G.”

    Anthony M.

    “If you look for high quality, clean and friendly staff, this is the perfect dental office in the Mira Mesa Scripps Ranch area.”

    lam Pham

    “This is the first time in my life that I actually look forward to going to the dentist. Doctor G and his staff are the best. Thanks guys!”

    Richard T.

    “Dr G & staff have always been great, but yesterday was next level on my appointment. He spent so much time really getting to the root of my bite being off which is relieving the jaw pain I’ve had for so long. He is patient and really listens to what you have going on! I can’t thank Dr G enough. 10 stars!”

    Kelly D.

    “I have had bad teeth since my teen years, and one of the reasons I shy away from the Dentist is that I feel like I’m being judged by the workers, even the Dentist. Given my dental history they should be understanding. With Oasis I didn’t feel this way at all. They made me feel welcomed, wasn’t non- judgemental and most important they make comfortable. The staff members are very warm, helpful and friendly and Dr. G is very informative and seems as if he’s willing to go the extra mile to improve your smile. The pricing isn’t bad at all from what I’ve seen, it’s very manageable. I think I’ve found the perfect fit.”

    Laquita G.

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