Digital Denture

Number of days in Lab


Number of days in Lab

Visit 1 Scan of Denture 0 Impressions Inside Mouth 2
Visit 2 Try-in Denture (Optional) 7 Final Impression 7
Visit 3 Fabricate Final Set 7 Relate Lower Jaw to Uppers 10
Visit 4 Try-in 7
Visit 5 Fabricate Final Set 20
Total Days 14 46

What They Can Do

Dentures are the oldest tooth replacement option. They have existed for thousands of years with little change except for the materials used and some other small adjustments. They can to some extent restore the functions of teeth, including:

  • Speaking
  • Eating
  • Smiling

However, because they are not teeth, there are some limitations you may face if you get them.

Speaking with them takes time to learn. Some people never get the hang of speaking with the additional fullness in the mouth, and poor fitting can interfere with speech.

Eating with them is better than eating without, but it’s a long way from eating with natural teeth. Traditional dentures don’t give you the same level of bite force as natural teeth. You will have to learn new ways to eat and may have to give up many foods entirely.

They come in many degrees of quality, and how attractive your smile is will depend on which you select. But it is possible to have realistic, attractive ones that will look good when you smile.

Denture Types

Over the many years that dentures have developed, they have taken on many different forms. We won’t list them all here, but we’ll focus on the most common ones that people consider when they want them.


Partial dentures are used when you have lost only some of the teeth in a single arch (the top teeth or bottom teeth). A partial denture has one or more artificial teeth secured in a plastic base that mimics your gum tissue and fits against either the roof or floor of your mouth. They rely on neighboring teeth for support, and cling on with either plastic or metal clasps.


Complete dentures are designed to replace an entire arch of teeth, either all your top teeth or all your bottom teeth. They are held in place primarily with suction, often supplemented with denture adhesive.

Implant Dentures

Implant dentures are dentures that are designed to be secured using dental implants. Typically, these are full or partial, and traditional or premium ones. They can be designed to give the same benefits as described on the dental implants page. Other times, a cost-effective solution is used that is better than normal dentures, although not quite as good as full implant dentures.

Are Dentures Right for You?

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