2-Visit Dentures
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Better Dentures, Faster!

If you are looking for an economical approach to replacing lost teeth, dentures are a good choice. They can be adequate replacements for lost teeth, restoring the appearance of your smile as well as some degree of function. This tried-and-true restoration option remains the choice of many people who lose teeth, especially older people.

With the advancement of digital technology, Dr G and his team can now offer you dentures in just TWO visits! Dr G has been doing so much research and has acquired the right technology to streamline his denture fabrication process.

Dentures, image of a Woman holding a tooth sample or denture at the dentist.

Considering dentures for the first time? – We’ve got you taken care of.

Lose your denture? No problem. – We can make you a new set just like your favorite denture you lost.

Love your current dentures, but they’ve gotten old? – We can now recreate your favorite denture and make it NEW!

New Method, Faster Results

Dr. G Digital
Denture Method

Visit 1

Scan of Denture

Number of Days in Lab: 0

Visit 2

Try-in Denture (Optional)

Number of Days in Lab: 7

Visit 3

Fabricate Final Set

Number of Days in Lab: 7

Total Days



Visit 1

Impressions Inside Mouth

Number of Days in Lab: 2

Visit 2

Final Impression

Number of Days in Lab: 7

Visit 3

Relate Lower Jaw to Uppers

Number of Days in Lab: 10

Visit 4


Number of Days in Lab: 7

Visit 5

Fabricate Final Set

Number of Days in Lab: 20

Total Days


How it Works

Step 1.

Make an appointment.

If you have an existing pair of dentures, bring them to your first appointment.

Step 2.

We make a scan of your new dentures.

You receive your trial dentures before we make your final set.

Step 3.

You go home with your final set of dentures!

Smile and enjoy your dentures.

The Benefits of 2-Visit Dentures:

Stronger and more accurate materials.

Get a trial set of dentures the same day to ensure you are happy with your final denture.

We can recreate a pair of dentures that you either lost or love, but need to redo because they are old.

Go home with your perfect denture in as little as 2-visits.

2-Visit dentures do NOT cost any more than traditional dentures!

Seeing the Results

With our improved technology, we can now recreate your favorite denture and give you the exact dentures that are NEW.

2 visit Dentures, image of  the denture technology at Oasis Dental Arts


Dentures-Before-Mira Mesa Dentist


Dentures-after-Mira Mesa Dentist

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I a candidate for dentures?

Everyone who is missing teeth is a candidate for dentures, especially if you are NOT a candidate for implants because you are diabetic, grind your teeth, have a compromised immune system, smoke heavily and/or find the cost of implants out of your budget.

How much functionality will I get back with dentures?

Dentures will never be a replacement of your own teeth. You will get back at most 30%-40% of your actual teeth function.

Will I lose the ability to taste with dentures?

You get loss of taste because dentures cover your palate where there are many taste receptors. These include sweet, sour, salty and bitter taste receptors.

Will I have lots of discomfort with dentures?

Dentures are at times associated with pain and discomfort because they float inside the mouth rubbing on tissue. This discomfort can generally be relieved by grinding down the denture. Generally it takes 1-3 visits for patients to be happy with any adjustments.

How long will my dentures last?

The average life of a denture is 10 to 30 years based on many factors, including care of your dentures. Once you lose your teeth, you lose bone and form more and more scar tissue. Less bone means there’s less for the denture to grab on to, so your dentures don’t stay in your mouth as well. As dentures get older, they fit less and less because of the tissue and bone loss and scar tissue that forms under the denture. With our new technology, as long as you keep your old dentures, we can very easily make you a new set.

What do I need to do to take care of my dentures?

Routine care, such as brushing, is necessary. Also, re-doing the inside of the denture as bone is lost may help preserve your dentures longer.

Ready for Your Perfect Smile?

If you’re considering dentures for the first time, or lost your dentures, no problem. We can make you a new set with a perfect fit.

Love your current dentures, but they’ve gotten old? We can now recreate your favorite dentures like NEW!

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