Laser Dentistry
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Laser technology has been quietly transforming dentistry. If you’ve only worked with a dentist who performs procedures using manual drills, scalpels, and other tools, you’re missing out on the benefits of laser dentistry. For many procedures, laser dentistry can provide treatment faster, cleaner, more accurately, and with greater comfort.

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Laser Dentistry, image of Waterlase laser.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Soft Tissue Treatments

Soft tissue lasers are used for gum treatments and other treatments for the palate, tongue, and membranes of the mouth. This includes working with gums as part of dental implant procedures, the treatment of gum disease and cosmetic contouring of gum tissue.

When used for soft tissue treatments, laser treatment provides

  • Precise treatment area
  • Minimal tissue damage
  • Reduced bleeding
  • Reduced discomfort–many people don’t need anesthesia
  • Shortened recovery period
  • Can easily work near metal

People who have experienced both prefer laser treatment over treatment with a scalpel, mostly because of the reduced discomfort and recovery period.


Benefits of Laser Dentistry for Hard Tissue

Many dental practices have lasers that can treat soft tissue. Few have lasers that can also treat hard tissue like bone, dentin, and enamel. But at Oasis Dental Arts, we have this technology, and can use it instead of a dental drill for many procedures.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Nearly pain-free dentistry
  • No drill sound
  • Accurate treatment–it’s point and shoot
  • Reduced trauma to teeth
  • Procedures done right the first time

Again, the biggest benefit of laser dentistry is the reduction of discomfort. With the dental drill, much of the discomfort comes from the vibrations and heat that penetrate the tooth, irritating the pulp and making it swell up. There is none of that with hard tissue lasers. And those vibrations are also part of the unpleasant sound of dental drills. This sound is one of the main causes of dental anxiety.

The laser also has the ability to precisely treat tooth decay, and because it only treats right where we point it, and doesn’t cause extra damage to teeth, you are less likely to need to come back for additional treatment for the same problem.


How Can Laser Dentistry Help You?

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