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Are you unhappy because your teeth are discolored? Discolored teeth can make you look older and unhealthy, but with common habits like drinking coffee and red wine, many people are unhappy with the appearance of their teeth. But teeth whitening can remove many stains on teeth, making them dramatically brighter and whiter and helping you look younger and healthier.

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Types of Teeth Whitening We Offer

At Oasis Dental Arts, we strive to make sure that every person in our office gets a treatment that delivers the results they’re looking for, fits in which their lifestyle, and addresses limitations or restrictions. That’s why we offer three different types of whitening:

  • Zoom! teeth whitening
  • Take home bleaching kit
  • Venus White patient kit

To get a better sense of which whitening approach is right for you, you need to understand more about each approach.


Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Zoom! teeth whitening is an in-office approach to whitening your teeth. In this procedure, we will first put protection on your gums and other tissues that may be injured by the whitening compound. Then the whitening compound is painted directly on your teeth. A light catalyst shines on your teeth, encouraging the whitening compound to destroy stains on your teeth. This takes about 15 minutes. Your teeth are then cleaned and new whitener is applied. You receive three applications of whitening, so the entire procedure takes about an hour.

Who’s it for? People who want rapid whitening.


Take Home Bleaching

With take home bleaching, we will custom-craft a whitening tray for you. This whitening tray fits snugly over your teeth. We will also supply you with a strong whitening compound. Simply add some whitening compound to the tray, then put it in for the recommended amount of time. Do this every day, and your teeth will gradually get whiter. It takes about six weeks to achieve maximum whiteness. After that, you will use your whitening tray only occasionally to maintain your results.

Who’s it for? People who want to achieve maximum whiteness, or people who want to maintain their whitening results.


Venus White

Venus White is a simpler and less expensive approach to white teeth. It uses a system that is somewhere between a whitening tray and whitening strips. It molds directly to your teeth to apply the whitening compound. You will use the treatment once a day for a week, and can see significant whitening in just three days.

Who’s it for? People who are looking for an inexpensive, but effective professional whitening approach.


When Whitening Works and When It Doesn’t

Teeth whitening is a very good procedure for reducing or eliminating stains on your teeth from foods, drinks, and other sources. These stains come from outside the teeth, and they’re called extrinsic stains. Chemical whitening compounds penetrate the tooth enamel and break down the stains.

But if your teeth are discolored for other reasons, whitening might not work. Common causes of intrinsic tooth discoloration include:

  • Tooth trauma
  • Enamel defects
  • Antibiotics and other medications
  • Thin enamel that lets dentin show through

If these or other intrinsic stains are the reason why your teeth are discolored, teeth whitening may not work. Instead, we might recommend alternative approaches such as porcelain veneers, which can cover discolored teeth and make them as white as you desire.


Which Whitening Is Right for You?

Are you unhappy with discolored teeth and want to learn which approach to whiter teeth is right for you? Please call (858) 271-1010 today for an appointment with Scripps Ranch cosmetic dentist Dr. Ramin Goshtasbi at Oasis Dental Arts.

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