Should I Continue In-Office Fluoride Treatments as an Adult?

It is well-known that fluoride, in the correct dose, helps strengthen the teeth, keep your smile bright and lower your risk of dental caries, or cavities, with no negative side effects to your overall health.

Most of us can remember visiting the dentist as children and getting topical fluoride treatments, but how important are fluoride treatments as we age? How often should we say “yes” when Oasis Dental Arts’ Dr. Ramin Goshtasbi asks whether we would like a fluoride treatment during a routine dental check-up?

What Exactly Is Fluoride?

We can agree fluoride is good for your teeth, especially during childhood. But what is it? And how did it come to be integrated into our drinking water?

Fluoride is a chemical compound naturally found in the earth, and helps prevent tooth decay and remineralizes and restores enamel. The American Dental Association recommends receiving topical fluoride treatments every three, six or 12 months, depending on the status of your teeth; talk to us at your next appointment; we can help determine the best schedule for you.

Fluoride’s regular use is newer than one might expect. In the early 1900s, dental researchers found that people in Colorado Springs, Colorado, had fewer instances of dental caries than other communities. After years of studying the community, researchers found that the water in this community had a naturally high concentration of fluoride. In 1945, Grand Rapids, Michigan, became the first community in the country to add fluoride to its drinking water. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of 2014, 66.3 percent of Americans have access to fluoridated water.

The Benefits of Fluoride as We Age

Prevention is always better than intervention. By taking good care of your oral health between your biannual dental appointments—brushing twice and flossing once daily and maintaining a nutrient-rich diet—is of the utmost importance to keep your teeth healthy and strong.

However, there is only so much you can do from home, which is why it’s important you visit us biannually for a routine cleaning dental-cleanings. Not only can we ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and catch any signs of ailments early on, we can provide a higher concentration of topical fluoride treatments than you can get over the counter. Though fluoride treatments are most important during adolescence, when the teeth and mouth are developing, regular fluoride treatments are still beneficial through adulthood, and can help you maintain your oral health, remineralize your teeth and prevent tooth decay.

Call Us for a Fluoride Treatment Today

If you have questions about your oral health, or if it has been a few months since your last topical fluoride treatment, come in to remineralize, restore and protect your teeth.

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