New Year’s Resolution for a Younger Smile

If you’re like millions of Americans on New Years, than you’ve probably made a lengthy list of resolutions for being the best version of yourself in 2018. Perhaps that involves a gym membership, a new juicer, or a subscription to one of those healthy meal prep boxes. If you’re hoping to lose weight and get healthy, then these are right on point. But, while you’re at it, why not add fantastic oral health to the list?

Having stained teeth can be a constant source of embarrassment, and it can make you look unhealthy. Poor oral health can also undermine your other health goals. So here are some oral health tips to help you look younger and feel better this year.

Cut the Sugar

Not only is sugar bad for your waistline and overall health, it can also wreck your teeth. That’s because there are certain microorganisms residing in our mouths that love it, and when they’re treated to it en mass, they use it to multiply, leaving behind a nasty acidic leftover that wears down enamel.

Worn enamel can make our teeth sensitive, promote decay, and also makes it easier for our teeth to stain. So next time you’re in your favorite coffee shop, try going for a sugarless syrup. Also consider adding milk or cream to your drink. Not only does milk help neutralize acid and reduce staining from coffee (see below), it can also be good for your teeth. Lactose may be a sugar, but it’s preferred by healthy bacteria and less greedily gobbled up by harmful bacteria.

Avoid the Stainers

As we age, our enamel can thin, making it easier for our teeth to become stained. To avoid more staining in the future, we can cut back on the big five: coffee, tea, red wine, alcohol, and soda. A good rule of thumb is that if it stains your carpet, it will stain your teeth.

If you can’t avoid that morning coffee to get you going, then add milk to neutralize acid and reduce staining. Swishing water around your mouth can also help to flush away staining properties before they take hold.

Teeth Whitening

Some staining naturally occurs with age and just can’t be avoided. Fortunately, there are several options available once our teeth have become stained. With whitening systems like Zoom, an in-office approach, a three-step whitening solution is applied to your teeth in fifteen-minute increments, combined with a light catalyst which encourages the whitening agent to dissolve any stains present. For those strapped for time, there are also several at-home systems available.

If you spent 2017 embarrassed by your teeth, then it’s time to schedule an appointment and start the new year off right. Please call today for an appointment with Dr. Ramin Goshtasbi at Oasis Dental Arts in Scripps Ranch.