National Pet Month: Important Facts About Your Pets and Their Health

May is national pet month. In April, we had just one day devoted to our fur babies, but May is dedicated to them entirely (yay). I just wanted to go over a couple of important facts about pets and health since I have always owned dogs.

Please note, everything in this blog does not apply to all pets. Like humans, pets can suffer from the same dental problems as humans. They get cavities as well as gum disease. As a matter of fact, the smaller the dog, the more likely it will suffer from dental problems. That does not mean the bigger pets are immune, so all dogs need to receive the same care.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating how to properly brush your dogs teeth ( if they let you ???? )

Water and Treats

Always make sure your pets have plenty of water ready for them. Stay away from treats that have a high carb count, such as potatoes, sugars, and other starches. The best advice on this would be to read the ingredients.

Treats should be as close to 100% meat as possible. Do not feed your dogs table scraps because your dog’s digestive system was not designed for pizza or other human foods.

A couple of years ago, one of my good friends had to take his dog to the emergency vet clinic when he fed him turkey from his Thanksgiving meal. Remember that turkey is not just turkey but is all the preservatives and seasoning added to it. Many human seasonings are or can be poisonous to dogs and other pets.

Many treats contain foods that are hard to digest and are questionable for a pet’s safety. The best treats are the ones made at home, such as cooked and dehydrated quality meats.

Using Toys to Promote Health

Pets that play with toys are actually brushing their teeth. If you have a pet that eats the toys, you may want to watch them as they play or not give them toys that they consume.

Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth

The most important tip here is to brush your pet’s teeth. I have never tried to brush a cat’s teeth, but I have brushed all my previous dog’s teeth. As you know, cleanings dogs’ teeth can be more expensive than your own. So brushing will keep all your pet’s teeth happy and your pocketbook happier.

Like a human child, it will become a routine if you start the process early on. Never force a pet into the situation if they refuse, but work on a reward system. Only brush as much as they allow you to. Get a toothbrush that fits your pet’s mouth and use toothpaste designed for them… do not use human toothpaste. I believe some of the ingredients are toxic to animals, so ask your vet for recommendations.

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