Benefits of Drinking Water: 4 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

May 2nd to the 8th is drinking water week. It brings to attention the benefits of drinking water. Here are a few reasons you should put aside that sugary drink and drink more water.

Water Washes Away Sugars Out of the Mouth

When you eat foods, the bacteria inside your mouth consume the same foods and create an acidic waste product that causes tooth decay. If you insist on drinking sugary or energy drinks, follow it up with some water or at least rinse your mouth out to wash away the sugars.

Waters Strengthens Your Teeth

Most cities fluoridate their water. Fluoride attaches to the outside surface of the teeth, creating a shield against acid attacks. In adults, this attachment of fluoride to teeth is temporary. If you want to continue getting the benefits, fluoride has to be applied routinely. In children, the outer surface of teeth are open microscopically. Fluoride gets absorbed by the teeth and can provide permanent protection. Remember that fluoride does not penetrate the tooth surface unless the tooth is clean and free of plaque.

Water Prevents Dry Mouth

Medications often lead to a dry mouth. In addition, allergies can lead to dry mouth as well. With the advancement of medicine, many are taking multiple medications. In a dry mouth, bacteria are more active. Saliva has enzymes that will break down and wash away plaque. Reducing the production of saliva can increase the activity of bacteria. Simply drinking water can increase saliva production and can also rehydrate the mouth.

Water Keeps You Healthy

Consuming water instead of sugary or calorie-free drinks can lead to a healthier you. Those who consume sugary or “sugar-free” drinks are more likely to develop diabetes and obesity. Diabetes wreaks havoc inside the body and mouth. With increased blood sugar levels, sugar leaks into gums which feeds the bacteria inside your gums. Also, it leads to the collagen fibers that keep your gums tight to break, opening your gums and letting bacteria deep into them.

Although “sugar-free” drinks do not have the same effect, they are not much better. Anytime you drink anything sweet, whether real sugar or “sugar-free,” it will cause insulin to be secreted. Insulin causes your body to take everything consumed and converts it into fat. That is one of the reasons people who drink “sugar-free” drinks are overweight. In addition, over secretion of insulin causes the cells of the pancreas to die and also causes the body cells to become more resistant to insulin. That means the pancreas needs to make more insulin for the cells to cooperate.

So, in conclusion, drinking water is very healthy for your teeth and for your health. I, of all people, understand that changing a lifestyle is difficult. I drink way too much coffee, and I add way too much fake sugar to it. I am a type 2 diabetic, and I should listen to myself.

Are you ready to take a pledge on your own health? It can be as easy and drinking more water, consuming less sugar, and putting your health first. I plan to try and consume less coffee and ensure I drink plenty of water a day. Join me in becoming a healthier person by making small changes in our daily lives.

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