What Type of Tooth Brush Should I Use?

I often get the question which toothbrush I recommend.    My opinion is that all toothbrushes are about the same.    Any toothbrush used appropriately is a good brush.     Just make sure the bristles are soft or ultra-soft.   The harsher brushes can rip your gums and will wear down your teeth.

Electric toothbrushes can be useful for those who want an effortless brush experience.   The nice thing about electric toothbrushes is that the brush does the work.   You hardly have to move, you just walk the brush slowly.   In addition they have a timer that remind you that you have to brush for at least two minutes.

So just get yourself a soft toothbrush and brush for two minutes.   Brush in small circles with a manual brush and slowly walk an electric toothbrush.