We’ve Got New Technology! Primescan Is An Innovative Technology That Is Also Kind And Friendly.

We are proud to add innovative technology to our office that will make your dental visits more comfortable. Primescan is the newest intraoral scanner on the market. This technology scans the mouth and translates them into three-dimensional models, which is more accurate than traditional impression techniques. Yes, that means no more goopy stuff inside your mouth, whether you need a crown, Invisalign, implants, night guards, or just so that we can look at your teeth.

Primescan, image of Primescan device

Source: Dentsply-Sirona

This also means that we can scan the mouth and submit your case electronically. The lab can receive your case seconds after submitting your case to them. That means we can have the case back from the lab in a short amount of time, and your dental work is done faster.

In addition, Impression taking always had its drawbacks in the past. The best impressions had a 3% margin of error. Also, there was always a chance for errors if a patient moved while we were taking impressions. With Primescan, these errors are virtually eliminated. That means we can decrease the chance of you needing to return to the office to redo an impression.

Lastly, if you have tired, old dentures and want them renewed, we can print you a new denture within days with just one scan. The same benefit goes for grinders who need a nightguard; we can print you a nightguard the next day with just one scan.

Below is a shortlist of how the Primescan makes visiting the dental office more comfortable.

How Primescan Dentistry Benefits Patients:

  • The scans are patient-friendly: The scan is faster than traditional techniques because it uses a camera instead of that goopy, messy materials that cause gagging.
  • Scans are more accurate: The scanner has virtually zero percentage of error vs. the older materials have shrinkage and expansion properties.
  • Better fitting dental work: Not only is the scanner more accurate, but errors such as saliva or patient movement are visible on the screen before it’s sent to the lab. That means fewer redoes, and your time will not be wasted.
  • Less frequent and shorter appointments: The impression is perfectly accurate, and the software can skip certain steps that would usually require multiple appointments to capture. For example, a denture that would take seven appointments and up to 1.5 months to make can take as little as a week with just a couple of appointments.

Here is a quick recording of the Primescan in action:

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