Top 5 Smiles to Watch for at The Emmys

The Emmys sit apart from the cinematic awards season. They are definitely separate from the hubbub surrounding the Oscars and all the “minor-league” award shows (we’re looking at you, Golden Globes 😉 ) that build up excitement for Hollywood’s big night. But despite their separation, they carry the same type of excitement and the same spectacle on their red carpet.

All the celebrities strut their stuff for the Television Academy’s elite, so of course they are eager to show off their best: their best clothes, their best jewels, and, of course, their best smiles. Here are five of the most exciting smiles to watch for on the red carpet September 22.

Emilia Clarke

Clarke spent so much of Game of Thrones grimacing that it’s hard to remember how beautiful her grin is. She has the rare complex smile, like Marilyn Monroe, one that moves up at the corners as well as in the middle almost simultaneously. This makes for extensive tooth show, so you want to make sure your teeth look good all around.

For Clarke, this is not a problem. Despite her youth, her teeth are relatively even, with the central incisors just slightly taller than the laterals. The color is nice, and there’s a genuine gloss to them. Plus, her teeth have a feminine roundness to them that helps make her more attractive.

Sterling K. Brown

The family dynamic of This Is Us might be confusing, but there’s one thing that’s straightforward: the charm of Sterling K. Brown’s smile. Brown plays Randall, the adopted black brother intended to complete a triplet where the third child was stillborn.

Brown has played recurring and guest characters for years, but it’s as Randall that he’s found his true calling. An hour-long family drama is a hard sell in primetime, but This Is Us makes it work in large part because of the charm of its actors, including Brown, whose smile is easy on the eyes. He has a nice commissure smile that shows mostly his upper teeth, which are all nicely proportioned–a bit on the broad side, but this goes nicely with the width of his face.

Tony Shalhoub

Shalhoub shows that even older men can maintain an attractive smile that still looks natural and understated. The Monk star who charmed his way into our hearts as a blissfully unaware detective continues to charm (and, in no small measure, horrify) as Miriam’s old-fashioned and judgmental father in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

His commissure smile is more understated than most on this list. He doesn’t tend to show as much teeth as he used to, but his tooth show is appropriate to a man of his age (65). Tooth show naturally tends to diminish as we age, and having too large teeth can make them look more fake. It’s also notable that his teeth are a bit more dim than other stars on this list, which is also appropriate. While whiter teeth can rejuvenate your appearance, if your teeth are too white, they can also look too fake.

Viola Davis

How to Get Away with Murder: step 1: have a gorgeous smile. At 54, Davis has a lot of experience at smiling through adversity, since it has taken her so long to get the recognition her talent so richly deserves. But now that she’s gotten there, she is making the most of it, not only enjoying her time at the top, but also using her position as an advocate for overlooked and underpaid actresses.

Davis makes the most of her cuspid smile, which moves up more in the middle than at the corners. It gives her smile so much depth of character, as you can see in this gif. It feels as if there’s so much going on behind this smile. Davis’ smile reminds us that cuspid smiles tend to show off a lot more gums (especially on the top) than other types of smiles. Fortunately, Davis has nice-looking gums, attractive and even.

Phoebe Waller-Bridge

As the writer and star of Fleabag, Waller-Bridge embodies her avatar with gusto, conveying a person who is both charming and reprehensible, deeply flawed and yet somehow lovable despite her flaws.

And her characteristically British smile plays a strong role in creating this character, because it is, like her, flawed yet lovable. Waller-Bridge has noticeably crooked teeth. She has a cuspid smile that shows a great deal of her teeth, including her gums. With her crowded arch, this accentuates the sense that her teeth are too tall, further enhanced by her overbite. Discoloration from cigarettes completes the down-to-earthness of the character.

Smile Like You’re the Star of Your Life

You don’t have to be a big star to have a smile like one. And as these stars show, there are many ways to have an attractive smile. What is essential is that you feel confident in your smile. It’s that confidence that earns the honor of Best Lead in Your Life. Whether you’re performing in a job interview or a candlelight dinner, your smile can help you make the most of each moment.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels confident in their smile. If you are unhappy with the appearance of your smile, cosmetic dentistry can help. Please call today for an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Ramin Goshtasbi at Oasis Dental Arts.