Teething and What Can Be Done

Got A Teething Child? What You Can Do To Help.

When a child is teething, the parents are often impacted, as well. No one wants to see their child in pain or uncomfortable. Parents are always trying to figure out how to cope and help their children through teething, a process that is inevitable.

Recently, in my Scripps Ranch Dental office I had a mother ask me if she should expect her child to develop a fever as result of teething. Here’s what I told her: symptoms of teething may start as early as 3 months, but generally begin at 6 months of age when the first tooth erupts in the mouth.

Symptoms include baby drooling, becoming fussy, having trouble sleeping, developing diarrhea, possibly developing a fever, and loss of appetite. Teething can continue all the way up to age three. Generally a child will become better able cope with the symptoms as the child becomes older. So yes, fever is a real possibility when children teeth.

What can you do as the caring parent to help? I recommend giving a child something slightly chilled to chew on. Chew toys are a favorite. Stay away from plastics because small amounts can break off and be ingested. You can also rub the gums with your clean fingers. Most importantly, have patience and enjoy this step in your child’s development. And don’t forget the tooth fairy!

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