Queer Eye Shows the Powerful Effects of a Smile Makeover

For many people who have been missing Queer Eye, the new Netflix version has been met with tredpidation. Sure, Netflix did well with its creative series, but its reality TV offerings have been lackluster. Would one of the brightest jewels in reality TV be dimmed on its rerelease? It turned out fans had no need to fear. The first season dropped last year to glowing reviews. And Netflix continues to shine with this season.

In one episode, the “Fab 5” descend on the BBQ stand to remake the sauce, the location, and, especially, the cooks, a pair of sisters. Shortly after they arrive, they realize that one of the cooks is very self-conscious about her smile, so they decided cosmetic dentistry could help her get her confidence so she can proudly sell her BBQ sauce to the public.

Childhood Trauma Causes a Lifetime of Problems

Mary damaged her teeth when she was a child. She had been riding her bike when she crashed, losing one front tooth and damaging the one next to it. She got the damaged tooth repaired with gold, but the lost tooth was never replaced.

The injury itself was traumatic for Mary, who then stopped going to the dentist as much–she had strong negative associations with the dentist’s office. Over the years, Mary had developed the habit of covering her teeth with her hand when she spoke.

In fact, it’s unlikely that Mary would’ve gotten her smile fixed if it weren’t for the Queer Eye stars. Her anxiety was still high, and she needed them to accompany her to the dentist. One of them even taught her some breathing techniques that could help with relaxation. And that was enough to get her to the chair.

An Emotional Makeover

Mary’s problem was not difficult to fix. The dentist just used a simple dental bridge to replace the missing tooth. It was supported partly by the damaged tooth and another natural tooth. The impact of the dental bridge was amazing. Mary was delighted at the transformation. Not only that, but she had the confidence in herself to start making regular dental visits to take care of some of the other issues she developed over the years.

And the smile makeover was just a fraction of the impact the season had: the couple was able to sell $76,000 worth of their BBQ sauce in one weekend after the show became available. Now that’s something to smile about!

Don’t Be Trapped by Your Dental Past

Sometimes, events happen. It can be a childhood accident. Kids play rough, and accidents happen. But though childhood joys are fleeting, the consequences of an accident can last a lifetime. If you damaged your smile as a child, you might not have had the opportunity to fix it at the time. In fact, you might have done what Mary did: avoid the dentist as a result.

However, you don’t have to be limited by that event in your past. You can make the decision at any time to choose a smile makeover. On Queer Eye, they call the person getting the makeover the “hero” of the episode. You can be the hero of your own story by making the decision to get a smile makeover on your own.

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