Perfect Teeth for a Perfect Wedding

You’ve started planning the perfect wedding. You’ve found a venue in the mountains with enough space for the distant cousins you were thinking about not inviting, and the venue hooked you up with a vendor who makes homemade ice-cream sandwiches, your partner’s favorite. Now you have to work on looking your best. You know those photos will be on your wall for the next twenty years or more, so you want to look your best.The problem is you don’t exactly like your smile. The color might not be bad but they are crooked.

If you weren’t fortunate enough for braces as a kid, there’s another solution that doesn’t involve unseemly metal that sticks out in photos. Invisalign is an amazing development in orthodontics, and can straighten your teeth quicker and easier than traditional braces.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a transparent, removable form of braces custom-fitted for you mouth. Using the same principles as braces, Invisalign applies pressure to your teeth which naturally realigns them. With traditional braces, this force is applied by wire and metal, but with Invisalign, several plastic aligners are made for your teeth. When you change to your next aligner, which will happen after about a week, your teeth will gradually shift in accordance with the treatment plan designed by you and your dentist.

Invisalign Benefits

Clear orthodontic aligners like Invisalign are an alternative to braces, and have several advantages over them, such as:

  • No visible wires or brackets
  • No diet restrictions
  • Aligners are removable, allowing for easy oral hygiene
  • Results in half the time
  • Less pain than traditional braces

Metal braces just aren’t for everyone. If you’re hoping to straighten your teeth for your wedding, or simply don’t want to be embarrassed by braces as an adult, Invisalign BPA-free plastic aligners are the perfect solution.

Will My Smile Be Ready for My Wedding?

That depends on when your wedding is. If your wedding is in June, there isn’t enough time for Invisalign to work, and you should consider an even faster option: veneers, sometimes described as “Instant Orthodontics.” The exception is if you’ve already had braces in the past and are just looking to fix some relapse. Often, those treatments can take 10 weeks or less!

But for most cases, Invisalign might work in as short as six months, so it’s still a great option for an autumn wedding or maybe late summer.

Are you a Candidate for Invisalign?

Were you never able to get braces as a kid? Do you have a big event coming up that you want to look your best for? Are there unseemly gaps in your teeth? If you’ve said yes to these question or more, you may be a good candidate for Invisalign.

If you’re hoping to straighten your teeth soon, however, you should schedule an appointment immediately. Discuss your goals with a cosmetic dentist to find the best option for you.

Do you want to learn whether you can enjoy the benefits of tooth straightening with Invisalign in Scripps Ranch? Please call (858) 271-1010 today for an appointment with cosmetic dentist Dr. Ramin Goshtasbi at Oasis Dental Arts.