Laser Dentistry Is the Future

If you grew up reading sci-fi then you might be disappointed with our current technological prowess. Flying cars don’t cruise the skyline of major cities, and we haven’t yet populated Mars. In the dental world, however, we’ve made some major moves towards a sci-fi future, and it’s showing promising results.

Laser dental treatment can be both a hard and soft tissue procedure that uses a dental laser to repair damaged gum tissue or teeth. In many ways, laser dentistry offers treatment that is cleaner, faster, and more accurate than traditional methods. And we are constantly adding new lasers that give us more treatment options to benefit our patients. Our most recent addition is WaterLase, a powerful laser that allows us to work on hard tissues like teeth and bone as well as soft tissues like gum tissue. This means that more people than ever will be able to benefit from laser dentistry.

How It Works

Periodontal disease carriers with it a deluge of complications including tooth loss, cardiovascular disease, and higher risks of cancer. Traditional treatment such as scaling and root planing are non-surgical methods that remove plaque and bacteria from the gum and surrounding root which may be exposed due to gum recession.

With laser therapy, the dentist has more access to the root and surrounding gum tissue. When the damaged gum tissue is removed, the dentist then smooths the root with instruments since rough spots may attract bacteria in the future.

What Are the Benefits?

Using laser periodontal treatment on soft tissue can be much less invasive than traditional methods, which means several key benefits such as:

  • Faster recovery
  • Less discomfort
  • Preserves gum line and produces long term results
  • More precision
  • Reduced bleeding

Many patients prefer laser treatment simply because of the reduced discomfort, but the reduced recovery time is also a major benefit, because it allows you to get back to your natural routine as quickly as possible.

Hard Tissue Lasers

The WaterLase system is an innovative treatment option that allows us to combine the accuracy of laser systems with a fine water spray to gently remove hard and soft tissue. With the WaterLase, we can avoid microfractures associated with the traditional drill, as well as efficiently perform restorative procedures without anesthetic.

The Waterlase also performs well against gum disease. The REPaiR procedure utilizes the WaterLase accuracy to clean out bacteria in hard to reach places and encourage gum and bone regeneration.

Maintaining good oral hygiene after any procedures is incredibly important to recovery and your long-term oral health. Brush and floss daily, and rinse with an antimicrobial mouthwash to help your mouth and gums heal.

Has the fear of discomfort or recovery time has been holding you back from seeing a dentist? Schedule an appointment today to talk with your dentist about laser dental treatment.

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