Keeping Your Teeth White After Bleaching: Teeth Whitening Post-Op Instructions

If you recently had a teeth whitening procedure, you may be wondering how to keep that smile pearly white. The key to maintaining a bright, white smile is to have healthy lifestyle habits that prevent further discoloration. So, what actually happens to your teeth after a bleaching session? Below is a breakdown of what is actually happening and how to keep that smile radiant for as long as possible.

When you bleach your teeth, the outside surfaces of your teeth microscopically open. The bleach can then penetrate the tooth and neutralize stains. Saliva has healing properties which seals the outer surfaces of teeth. Maybe you have experienced something like it, such as after sucking on a lemon or sour candy. Generally, the teeth do not feel smooth any longer. Your teeth will be susceptible to picking up stains because the outside surface of your teeth will be open and not yet fully healed.

So, how do you take care of your teeth after whitening them? Below are a few simple steps to keep your smile white and healthy.

Foods to Stay Away From

  • Acidic Foods: Acidic foods such as sodas, sports drinks, coffee, teas, wine, and citrus are acidic, causing the surface of your teeth to open further. In addition, these foods contain high levels of stains which may penetrate the porous surface leading to permanent staining.
  • Foods That Have Bright Colors: Any foods that are hard to remove from clothing or the carpet should be avoided. As an example, avoid blueberries, red sauces, carrots, jelly, jam, beets, ketchup, and mustards.
  • Artificial Dyes: Foods with lots of artificial dyes like Cheetos and candy. Your teeth will be susceptible to staining right after a bleaching, so you do your best to avoid any foods or drinks that contain dyes, both natural and artificial.

Depending on the number of days and sessions that you have bleached, will determine how many days you should wait before going back on your regular diet.

In addition, to be on the safe side, wait to go back to your regular diet at a minimum of 48 hours after your last bleaching session or until all the temperature sensitivity has returned to pre-bleaching levels.

Here is a quick video explaining in detail the information above:

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