Innovative 3D X Ray Machine KaVo OP 3D

I want to introduce the Kavo OP 3D x-ray unit. It can scan the mouth and convert it into a 3D model, which can be viewed from all angles on a screen, or it can even be 3D printed if desired. This technology is highly accurate, and nothing is left hidden or to chance.

In the past, we would use 2D X-rays from different angles together with stone models to piece together a complete picture. These techniques had up to a 30% margin of error.

What the KaVo OP 3D Can Do:

  1. For individuals who gag or can not keep their mouth open for traditional x-rays, there is an option where we can extract traditional x-rays from a scan. That means that there is no sensor inside the mouth.
  2. We can see behind, through, or from the side of any structure. We sometimes get patients complaining of pain in a generalized area. X-rays oftentimes do not show anything unless there is severe damage to the structure. With this unit, we can look behind teeth or around teeth. Also, traditional x-rays often can miss even large problems because it’s looking through the entire jaw. Unless the problem extends from one side of the jaw to the other side, defects can be missed. With 3D models, we can look at slices and see every slight defect.
  3. We can see pathology that was not visible before. For the same reasons mentioned above, traditional x-rays look at the entire thickness of the jaw. If disease tissue is surrounded by healthy bone or tooth structure, the diseased tissue is often hidden. X-rays only see the healthiest (most dense) structures. With this technology, we can see all structures. We also have an option to send any questionable tissue to be evaluated by a radiologist.
  4. We can now see the thickness, quality, and height of bone and any surrounding vital tissue such as the nerve. Knowing the location of the vital structure, we can place an implant in the exact location at the exact angle and the exact dept keeping it away from vital structures. We create surgical stents that can control all these variables. In the past, everything was based on our best guestimate. Sometimes the nerve can be millimeters away from the nerve, and the best guess is not safe enough. Imagine hanging a picture on the wall. Do you ever wonder if there is a pipe or an electric wire hiding behind the drywall? Imagine if you see through the wall. Although we have stud detectors, anyone who has used them knows that they are not 100% accurate. What if you had a guide you could use that would not allow you to place it in the wrong location and wrong department. That is what we have today. All risks are virtually eliminated.

So, with the advancement of technology, we can better diagnose disease and provide care that is more comfortable and safer for the patient.

Here is a short video showing you a hands on view of the new device in our office:

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