How to Take Care of Dentures

Taking care of your dentures is important to keep them free from bacteria and staining. This is true regardless of what type of denture you may have, be it full or partial or implant based.  

Dentures are nonporous. Routine scrubbing can rub off the outer shiny coat making them more porous and susceptible to picking up calculus and bacteria.

Here we discuss how to take the best care of your dentures so they last you a long time and serve your health well.

Cleaning Your Dentures

After each use: 

  • Run warm water over your dentures to rinse them out.  Avoid very hot water as it may impact the shape of your dentures.
  • Use your fingers to scrub them. You can use a fine toothbrush to scrub them, also. The scrubbing can be done with water or mild soap. 

In addition, bring in your dentures during your cleaning appointment with us.  Give us your dentures at the beginning of your appointment.  We will use our cleaners and clean your dentures for you.

Use of Denture Cleaners

Sometimes dentures can start to taste and smell different. This is usually from bacterial buildup. We recommend picking an appropriate denture cleaner and soaking according to the instructions on the box. 

If you have lots of calculus build up, one product will remove it. You can find it at any pharmacy. It is called Stain Away. We use this same product to clean night guards. It may take several uses before the denture is fully cleaned. Do not regularly use this product. After the denture is clean, go back to using your regular denture cleaner.

Properly Storing Your Dentures

The tissue in the mouth needs to rest. Dentures should not be worn when you sleep. Dentures are very delicate and need to be treated as such.  

  • Before you go to sleep, clean them, blot them dry and gently store them in their case. 
  • Your case should also be routinely cleaned. The case can be cleaned with diluted vinegar or denture cleaner tablets.
  • Do not store your dentures in paper towels or napkins, as they do not provide enough protection for your dentures.  Plus, you may accidentally throw them away using this method.

Products to Avoid

Avoid products with harsh and abrasive ingredients.  These products can make the denture more porous.

These include:

  • Mouthwashes or 
  • Toothpastes specially whitening toothpastes

Your oral health is very important to us. Schedule regular appointments to have us take care of your dentures for fit and function.  If something feels loose or you are in pain, please call and schedule an appointment.