How Much Money Does the Tooth Fairy Leave?

I sometimes get asked the question of how much the tooth fairy leaves children this day and age. Well since all dentist personally know the tooth fairy, I decided to ask her that very question over a cup of milk.

The Tooth Fairy said that the calculation is very straight forward. It is based on how well a child brushes and flosses. You take a tooth lost and look at how many times a child brushes her teeth per day. If the child brushes an average of twice a day, she get paid $2. If the child flosses as well, it may be $3. If a child does not brush or floss, the tooth fairy may leave less- but it is only up to her to decide. The tooth fairy did also mention that there are some variations in dollar amounts across the nations. These variation are based on room cleanliness and grades. She did not elaborate much more than that.