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What is gum disease

As bacteria sit on the tooth, the gum fills with blood. Within just a few days the gums grow blood vessels to send immune cells into the site. This is called gingivitis.  During gingivitis, you man notice bleeding during flossing or brushing, and the gums will appear red and swollen.   Gingivitis is fully reversible, and with a routine professional home care, your gums can return back to health.  As you let bacteria sit on your teeth for an extended time, bacteria secretes toxins which causes the gums to open up.  The bacteria will slide between your gums and the tooth.  The immune cells have arrived to fight the bacteria.   These are none specific cells.   Since there are many types of bacteria present, the body creates a none specific immune response to kill bacteria.  Unfortunatly this none specific immune response kills the bone as well as the bacteria.  This is called periodontitis.  Unfortunatly, periodontitis is not reversible.  Once the bone is gone, it is gone for good.  In addition, once you get periodontitis, you have it for life.  What that means is if you leave bacteria on you teeth even for a short period of time, the disease will return.  It is like diabetes for the gums.  Once you have it, you will have it for life.  However the good news is that if you maintain it, you can maintain it and cause it to go into remission. You can maintain it by getting routine professional cleaning and maintaining a very good oral hygiene.    See your dentist to be diagnosed.   At our Scripps Ranch Dental office, we take gum disease seriously.  Please see our website for more detailed information.

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