Good News for Wine Drinkers During This Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you drinking more wine these days to get through the pandemic? We have often heard that drinking a glass of wine is good for the heart. Now, there is some research to prove that it can also help fight plaque. Plaque is responsible for causing gum disease, decay and even sore throat. So, next time someone offers you a glass of wine, is it an opportunity to fight gum disease? If the research is right, you betcha.

In 1988 a study was done to test how germs survive in different beverages. Different pathogens were placed in the different beverages and allowed to sit. After 48 hours each sample was tested. The wine sample had the least number of live germs where as milk, soda and beer had the most. It was thought that high acidity of wine had something to do with these findings. In 2007 a group of scientists discovered that red wine has compounds such as lactic, malic, succinic, and tartaric acids that kill bacteria.

These studies also suggest that wine can help reduce duration of sore throats. Dental plaque is the likely cause of most sore throats. By gargling with red wine, you can reduce the dental plaque, thus reducing the likelihood of sore throats and its durations.

There are other benefits of red wine. It is long been heart friendly. It contains antioxidants which prevent cells of the body to be damaged by toxins. It also is thought to increase levels of good cholesterol, improve the function of cells that line your blood vessels and reduce the formation of blood clots. These can help prevent heart disease.

So, if you are offered a glass of wine during this pandemic, you may want to look at it as an opportunity to fight plaque.

Be cautious about too much wine consumption. It is very acidic. Over consumption of it can lead to your teeth enamel erosion which may lead to sensitivity.

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*Drinking alcohol during pregnancy can lead to birth defects. It will impair your ability to drive or operate any machinery and may cause many health problems.