How is Cosmetic Dentistry Changing?

In a time with self-driving cars, scientist who can accurately edit genes, and robots in China that can perform dental implant surgery, the question of what dentistry can do for your smile is an exciting one. With new materials, cutting-edge technology, and improved procedures, fixing pain-points like yellow or crooked teeth can be easier than ever with cosmetic dentistry.

You may have heard the term cosmetic dentistry before but might not know how it differs from general dentistry. To put it simply, a general dentist provides most of the services you associate with dental care, such as checkups, cleanings, and restorations. Cosmetic dentistry tends to offer elective treatments that will improve your smile and make you feel more confident while aiming to preserve as much natural teeth as possible, and offering non-invasive treatments that can also be preventative.

If you spent the last year afraid to smile because of embarrassment, here are three ways cosmetic dentistry has changed for the better.

Have Whiter Teeth For Longer

For almost a decade now, teeth whitening has been one of the most popular cosmetic procedures out there. Although the procedure isn’t so new, the techniques and treatment solutions are continually improving, making it more effective and longer-lasting. Staining occurs when teeth come in contact with various staining agents, such as coffee, tea, chocolate, red wine, and others. To correct this, teeth whitening works by using a whitening solution that breaks down these staining agents. With solutions like Zoom!, an in-office approach, a light catalyst is added in three applications to create a whiter and more dramatic effect, and for the a longer lasting white, a take-home approach can be added.

Space-Age Materials

Only five to ten years ago, metal fillings and PFM Crowns were the standard for restorations. Now, many dentist use high-tech ceramics. Ceramic materials are longer-lasting, fracture resistant, and can be custom made to match the exact shade of your teeth. If used for inlays, crowns, and veneers, it’s often impossible to tell ceramic from natural teeth, as the luster of ceramic can perfectly mimic that of our natural enamel.

Porcelain Veneers

Placed over damaged, crooked, or misshapen teeth, porcelain veneers are a thin piece of advanced ceramic that can radically change your smile for upwards of twenty-years. Perhaps one of the most dramatic cosmetic procedures possible, porcelain veneers offer the patient complete control over their smile.

If you’re unsatisfied with your smile in any way, it may be time to schedule an appointment. A cosmetic dentist can work with you to achieve the smile of your dream. If you’re looking for a smile solution in Scripps Ranch, please call (858) 271-1010 today for an appointment with Dr. G at Oasis Dental Arts.