Dentistry on Children With Autism

Dentistry on Autistic Children There are several theories regarding the cause of Autism, such as a theory that Autism has genetic or environmental links. This has led parents to seek traditional and alternative therapies for treatment. Many parents of these children have concerns regarding environmental toxins, and therefore toxins that may be introduced to them [...]

Good News for Wine Drinkers During This Coronavirus Pandemic

Are you drinking more wine these days to get through the pandemic? We have often heard that drinking a glass of wine is good for the heart. Now, there is some research to prove that it can also help fight plaque. Plaque is responsible for causing gum disease, decay and even sore throat. So, [...]

By |April 21st, 2020|Dental|

To Extract Or Not To Extract That Wisdom Tooth

Often times patients ask me if they should extract their wisdom teeth. This is still a topic of controversy and many professionals will disagree. That is why you need to discuss your concerns with your own dentist. Below is a guideline that I use. Most wisdom teeth should be extracted between age 15 to 20. [...]

How Much Money Does the Tooth Fairy Leave?

I sometimes get asked the question of how much the tooth fairy leaves children this day and age. Well since all dentist personally know the tooth fairy, I decided to ask her that very question over a cup of milk. The Tooth Fairy said that the calculation is very straight forward. It is based on [...]

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