A Series of Unfortunate Tooth Mistakes

At the beginning of the month, the second season of the Netflix Original, A Series of Unfortunate Events debuted. Based on the book series of the same name, the show follows the Baudelaire family after the mysterious death of their parents, as they try to unravel what happened while also trying to avoid Count Olaf, played by Neil Patrick Harris. The show is funny, surreal, and, as the name suggests, full of unfortunate events.

If you’re a fan of the show, and haven’t yet been able to watch the entirety of season 2, this blog contains no spoilers past season 1. But if you’re looking for some tips to avoid unfortunate tooth mistakes, this blog is for you.

Don’t Use Your Teeth as Tools

Sunny Baudelaire, the youngest of three, is a witty two year-old known for her sarcastic quips translated through subtitles, and her uncanny ability to turn jagged rocks into smooth stones with her teeth. While we obviously can’t whittle large pieces of wood with our mouths, many of us use our teeth to open bottles, plastic bags, etc. Unless you’re Sunny Baudelaire, this is an unfortunate thing to do. Teeth are meant for chewing food and nothing else. Using them to hold items or for opening things can crack them or severely hurt your gums.

Don’t Forget to Brush and Floss

Count Olaf, the antagonist, has bad teeth because he’s too busy “acting” and trying to steal the Baudelaire fortune to brush. The American Dental Association suggests you brush twice a day to protect your teeth. Plaque hardens within 48 hours, so brushing before bed and in the morning is best. Not only can brushing protect from a smile from becoming Count Olaf’s, but it can prevent gum disease, as well. Gum disease can cause a whole manner of nasty things, such as tooth loss. It can also increase your chances of cardiovascular disease.

Unfortunately, brushing just isn’t enough. Plaque gets trapped of the surfaces of teeth but also in the hard-to-reach places like between your teeth. Floss is the best tool for that job.

Get Your Recommended Check ups

Even if your life is busy because you’re constantly trying to avoid con artists like Count Olaf, visiting the dentist is important. The American Dental Association suggests you visit the dentist every six months. That’s because complications like gum disease don’t happen overnight. They slowly progress overtime. By consistently going into the dentist for checkups and cleanings, you can ensure that smaller issues don’t become larger complications.

An Attractive Smile Is More Than a Disguise

It is part of the ridiculous humor of Unfortunate Events that people can’t seem to recognize Count Olaf in disguise, despite the fact that he has many features that stand out, including his terrible teeth. Although Olaf often comes up with absurd schemes to cover his single eyebrow and the tattoo of “an eye” on his ankle, he rarely does anything to fix his teeth. The only exception being his brief turn as the handsome foreigner (and auctioneer) “Gunther.” Even in this absurd world, it would be too much to try to pass oneself off as “handsome” with a smile such as Olaf’s.

Unfortunately, many people feel that their smile is a barrier to feeling handsome. If you’re embarrassed by the way your teeth look, and don’t want to have to wear wooden teeth to disguise your smile, then consider cosmetic dentistry. Several treatments are available to fix staining, chips, or even crooked teeth.

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