A Good Relationship with Your Dentist Improves Your Quality of Care

One of our central values at Oasis Dental Arts is that we want to have good relationships with our patients. Scripps Ranch dentist Dr. Ramin Goshtasbi (you can call him “Dr. G”) makes this a central focus of our practice. Why is this so important? Because having a good relationship with your dentist can improve your quality of care in many ways.

We Know Your History

A fundamental part of establishing and maintaining a quality relationship is repeated visits to the dentist. Over time, we get to know your oral health history. Knowing your history can help us understand how oral disease tends to progress for you–this can be highly variable, depending on your genetics and your oral health habits.

This helps us to make better recommendations for the right approach to your dental care, such a whether you need a simple cleaning with modified hygiene or if it’s time to do a deep cleaning.. We’ll know when an aggressive response is necessary and when it’s best to take a more relaxed approach.

Knowing Your Family Provides Insight

But it’s not just your health habits that influence your oral health. It’s partly family history, too. Over time, we can grow to know not just you, but through you we’ll come to understand your family. Maybe we even treat some of them, too.

Since a combination of genetics and family living can powerfully influence your dental health, knowing about your family’s oral health can also help us anticipate problems and provide more comprehensive treatments.

You’re More Open

There are many dental health problems we can see in your mouth, but by the time we can see them, it  might be too late for optimal care. We depend on you to talk to us honestly about your dental health, especially the symptoms you are experiencing. These can help us understand the true state of your health and help you get the treatments you need before there’s a visible problem.

It’s also important for you to tell your your dental goals. That way, we can offer treatments that help you achieve the results you want. This is especially important for cosmetic dentistry, where there’s no single clear endpoint. You need to tell us what your ideal smile is really like, and that way we can better achieve your goals.

You’ll Do Your Part

The best dental care is a team effort. We need to act as partners working toward the goal of optimal health and beauty for your smile.

Unfortunately, many people come to view their dental health as just their dentist’s responsibility. They don’t take an active part. But if you develop a good relationship with a dentist, you’ll be more likely to do your part. You’ll not only be more open with symptoms and goals, you’ll ask more questions, you’ll understand our recommendations better, and you’re more likely to follow through on these recommendations. By doing your part, you’ll help improve your oral health.

You Develop Trust

Another important part of quality dental care is being able to trust your dentist. Some people have a problem with this: there’s a prevailing sense that when a dentist recommends treatment, they’re just trying to get your money.

Getting to know your dentist over time will reveal that their true concern is your health and happiness, and that all recommended treatments are intended for that goal. That will help you get more comfortable choosing the right treatment for you.

We Look Forward to Meeting You

If you’re looking for a dentist in Scripps Ranch that is focused on giving you the best dental care through developing quality relationships, contact us today!