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Dentistry on Children With Autism

Dentistry on Autistic Children There are several theories regarding the cause of Autism, such as a theory that Autism has genetic or environmental links. This has led parents to seek traditional and alternative therapies for treatment. Many parents of these children have concerns regarding environmental toxins, and therefore toxins that may be introduced to them [...]

Baby and adult tooth eruptions

Baby teeth eruption Just about every day I have a mother asking me questions like when they should expect a child to get their teeth, or when should their adult counter parts erupts. 1. Upper Teeth front two                                                                                                          8-12  months laterals  (teeth adjacent to front tooth)                                                       9-13  months k9's                                                                                                                 16-22  months 1st baby molar                                                                                              13-19  months 2nd [...]

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