In the past, dentists relied on two tools to find cavities in your teeth: their eye and the metal pick. But these tools have many limitations, and having a dentist pick at your tooth unnecessarily is uncomfortable and even a little destructive of your teeth. But with DIAGNOdent, our advanced laser decay detection, we can find more cavities faster and without all that picking.

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Benefits of Laser Decay Detection

DIAGNOdent is an advanced cavity detection system that’s over 90% accurate. It helps us detect cavities that may not be visible because they are mostly under the surface of your teeth, with little or no decay showing. And it gives us the confidence to avoid exploratory probing of your teeth, which can damage your tooth enamel.

Some of the other benefits of DIAGNOdent include:

  • Quick detection of decay
  • Detection of hidden cavities and subtle decay
  • Svelte tool for easy access–you don’t have to open too wide
  • No damage to tooth enamel
  • Early detection and treatment preserves tooth enamel
  • No need to treat areas out of suspicion–we’ll know if it’s needed
  • Fewer x-rays needed
  • Precise identification of area to be treated

Because of all these benefits, we believe that DIAGNOdent represents one of the best innovations in preventive dentistry.

How Does DIAGNOdent Work?

For you, the DIAGNOdent process is very simple. You just lean back while we point the tool–much like a laser pointer–at the different parts of your teeth. The tone of the detector will tell us if there’s decay there.

But the science of DIAGNOdent is more complicated than that. It depends on the principle of fluorescence. Many objects, when hit by light of a certain wavelength, will give off light of their own. Think about how your white t-shirt can glow when you’re under a blacklight, but not in normal light–but not everything glows. DIAGNOdent is a special color of laser light in which healthy tooth material doesn’t glow, but altered material does. The detector in the unit picks up on the glow, and gives off a tone to indicate that there’s likely decay. Because the laser light can penetrate into the enamel, it can tell us when there’s decay under the surface.

Technology Used for Better Treatment

Dental technology allows us to provide our patients with faster, more comfortable, and more reliable treatment. We introduce technologies that offer our patients many benefits. While in some practices, you may pay more for dental technology, in our office, the use of technologies like DIAGNOdent can actually save you money. The detection of cavities early allows us to use less invasive restorations that preserve your tooth enamel and are less expensive than options we would need for more advanced decay.

We can use even more conservative treatment because of our use of laser dentistry in preparing your teeth for fillings. This can be faster and more accurate than a drill and it protects your teeth from vibration damage related to drills.

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