Tooth Trivia

What If I Choose Not to Replace a Lost Tooth?

You’ve lost a permanent tooth. Losing a tooth is never a fun experience, and having a gap in your smile can be embarrassing and troublesome. If you’re thinking about either not replacing the tooth or putting it off until later, there are a few things to consider. Address Why It Happened First things first: How [...]

3 Weird Bacteria Facts

Bacteria are strange little things, and there are a lot of them — especially in your mouth. In fact, at any given moment, we can have between 100 million to 1 billion of them on the surface of each tooth. Although the thought is a little unsettling, they’re really only trying to do their thing, [...]

What Yellowstone Teaches Us about Deadly Fluoride

In the summer, many families take advantage of the opportunity to travel the country and see the great sights our nation has to offer. And for about 4 million Americans a year, one of those sights is Yellowstone, America’s first National Park. Yellowstone is known for many things: the geysers, the wildlife, and the beautiful [...]

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