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Should I Continue In-Office Fluoride Treatments as an Adult?

It is well-known that fluoride, in the correct dose, helps strengthen the teeth, keep your smile bright and lower your risk of dental caries, or cavities, with no negative side effects to your overall health. Most of us can remember visiting the dentist as children and getting topical fluoride treatments, but how important are fluoride [...]

A Healthy Smile is a Beautiful Smile

We can’t help it, we all want a beautiful, opalescent grin. And with cosmetic dentistry that has become both effective and affordable, who can blame us? More important, however, and not mutually exclusive, is having a healthy smile. When considering that complications such as gum disease are associated with a host of other health issues [...]

What type of tooth brush should I use?

I often get the question which toothbrush I recommend.    My opinion is that all toothbrushes are about the same.    Any toothbrush used appropriately is a good brush.     Just make sure the bristles are soft or ultra-soft.   The harsher brushes can rip your gums and will wear down your teeth. Electric toothbrushes can be useful [...]

Can’t I get a regular teeth cleaning instead of a deep cleaning?

Many times in our dental office I have been asked by patients if instead of doing a deep cleaning I could just do a simple cleaning.    I have been asked if a patient could sign a waiver stating they will not hot hold the office responsible if we do a simple cleaning instead [...]

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