A Good Relationship with Your Dentist Improves Your Quality of Care

One of our central values at Oasis Dental Arts is that we want to have good relationships with our patients. Scripps Ranch dentist Dr. Ramin Goshtasbi (you can call him “Dr. G”) makes this a central focus of our practice. Why is this so important? Because having a good relationship with your [...]

To Extract Or Not To Extract That Wisdom Tooth

Often times patients ask me if they should extract their wisdom teeth. This is still a topic of controversy and many professionals will disagree. That is why you need to discuss your concerns with your own dentist. Below is a guideline that I use. Most wisdom teeth should be extracted between age 15 to 20. [...]

How Much Money Does the Tooth Fairy Leave?

I sometimes get asked the question of how much the tooth fairy leaves children this day and age. Well since all dentist personally know the tooth fairy, I decided to ask her that very question over a cup of milk. The Tooth Fairy said that the calculation is very straight forward. It is based on [...]

Gum Disease [Redirected to Gum page]

What is gum disease As bacteria sit on the tooth, the gum fills with blood. Within just a few days the gums grow blood vessels to send immune cells into the site. This is called gingivitis.  During gingivitis, you man notice bleeding during flossing or brushing, and the gums will appear red and swollen.   [...]

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